12 Signs You And Your Bestie Are Actually Patsy And Eddie

It’s official! There WILL be an Absolutely Fabulous movie. But wait, it gets even better: Rumour has it Harry Styles is being lined up to play Joanna Lumley’s love interest. Ah-maaaazing.

Insiders claim Jennifer Saunders is super keen to cast Harry, 21, in the big screen version of everyone’s favourite BBC comedy.

Yep. Patsy and Eddie will soon be making their way to the silver screen to continue their hi-larious antics. Oh, sweetie! Darling! Could we be more excited?

While on This Morning on Wednesday, Joanna Lumley confirmed that her co-star Jennifer Saunders has already finished the script. It’s due to start shooting in October and will be ‘gorgeous’. Not that we expected anything less.

‘She has written it. It would be wrong to say I’ve completely read it because it keeps changing. I think we’re going to the South of France to do some of the filming,’ said Joanna.

‘It’ll be ravishingly funny, gorgeous and completely fabulous.’

Reckon you and your BFF have a bit of the Patsy and Eddie about you? Here’s all the signs you need to look out for…

1. You like the occasional drink

Season 5 Absolutely Fabulous animated GIF


2. Or two…

Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley animated GIF


3. You take pride in your honesty with each other

Victorias Secret Fat animated GIF


4. You always stick to the big issues

Absolutely Fabulous Ab Fab animated GIF


5. You’re both the coolest people you know.

Absolutely Fabulous Jennifer Saunders animated GIF


Absolutely Fabulous Christmas Special animated GIF


6. You have the best strategy for dealing with exes

Fuck You Insult animated GIF


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7. Together, you’ve refined your chat up technique

reaction animated GIF


8. And accepted exercise isn’t for you.

Fail Fall animated GIF


9. While figuring out your night out essentials

Pants Absolutely Fabulous animated GIF


10. Your sense of humour is as dry as your wine.

absolutely fabulous animated GIF


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11. And while some might think you’re mean to each other…

Tv Absolutely Fabulous animated GIF


12. You know you’ll be BFFs forever

Tv Absolutely Fabulous animated GIF


Can’t relate? Maybe you don’t approve of Patsy and Eddie’s antics. Then you’re probably an entirely different AbFabber altogether…

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