15 Instagram Pictures Everyone Posts When There’s A Heatwave

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the middle of a heatwave.

Legs are out, skirts are short, and it’s officially Pimms time. Basically, life is wonderful. But what would be the point of enjoying all of this glorious sunshine if you couldn’t document it all on Instagram?

When the sun’s shining, we get even more tap-happy when it comes to social media.

Hot dog legs, selfies in the park, that first ice-lolly of summer – these milestone ocassions all NEED to be shared with the world.

Soon, our Instagram feeds are awash with who-can-post-the-better-cherry-blossom-snap or does-my-bbq-look-better-than-yours?

Here are the 12 Instagram pictures EVERYONE posts when there’s a heatwave…

1) The ice lolly

Because, obv.


2) The cherry blossom

Look how pretty the trees look, guys!


3) The Pimms

The first Pimms of summer, aka. the most momentous occasion of the year.


4) The lido

Heatwave = GET ME TO WATER.


5) The sunbathing selfie

Sun’s out, bikinis on.


7) The beach

Because if you’re lucky enough to be living in Brighton when it’s sunny, EVERYONE’s going to know about it.



8) The smoothie

Coffee’s out. Smoothies ‘r’ us.


9) The picnic

It’s a must.


10) The sun cream

Because it’s almost definitely tanning weather, right guys? RIGHT??











11) The city

How come your home town always looks SO much more Instagram-worthy when the sun’s shining?


12) The BBQ

No explanation needed.


The park

‘Pfft, why does everyone immediately flock to the park the MINUTE it’s sunny…’ *grabs towel and runs*


14) The sandals

So pedi-ready.


15) The legs

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not wearing tights today.