Emma And Andrew’s Break-Up Sounds Complicated

What? We did not expect this Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield split update.

We were devastated when we heard that the A-list pair were ‘on a break’ earlier this month because of their crazy work schedules. But now, reports are claiming it’s ‘finished’, and that it was Emma who called the whole thing off.

‘It’s finished. It’s not just a break,’ an insider told Us Weekly. ‘She ended things and moved back to Los Angeles.’  And apparently, Andrew’s filming in Tawaiin for new Martin Scorsese film Silence is largely to blame.

‘He’d been in a dark place for months, getting into his role,’ the source said about the British actor, who shed more than 40 pounds for the role. ‘He wasn’t being the best partner.’

The couple first met on the set of 2012’s The Amazing Spiderman and had been making us melt with their red carpet PDAs ever since.

We are still reeling. But in memory of Hollywood’s most stylish (and adorable) couple ever, we take a look back at Emma and Andrew’s cutest moments… 

1) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at the Costume Institute Gala Benefit in May 2014. What a smokin’ hot pair! 


2) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield working matchy matchy stripes and shades in New York. Even when dressed down, they’re still the coolest couple in town.


3) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at the Magic In The Moonlight film premiere in New York in July 2014. Check out the look of love!


4) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield looking stylish in monochrome backstage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. We’ll let you off for that schoolboy tie, Andy… 


5) Andrew Garfield letting his leading lady Emma Stone take centre stage at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 world premiere in London in April 2014. Aw, what a gentleman. 


6) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield having a cheeky smooch while filming graduation scenes on set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in June 2013. Oh, you two. Get a room!


7) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield looking smitten on the red carpet at The Amazing Spider-Man film premiere, in Madrid in June 2012. Have you ever seen a more adorable duo?!


8) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pulling a stunt for the paparazzi to raise awareness for their favourite charity. Edgy and wholesome? They really can do no wrong… 


9) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield stopping to take a cheeky selfie on top of the Empire State Building in June 2012. Well you would, wouldn’t you?


10) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield making their way into The Amazing Spider-Man premiere in California back in the early days of them dating. Yes Andrew, you should look that smug after bagging such a beauty.



11) Emma Stone getting the giggles with on/off set boyfriend Andrew Garfield back in 2012. Please you two, PLEASE make it work!