11 Things You Only Understand If You Hate Not Being Busy

Christmas is over, which means between now and the New Year, there’s not a whole lot going on. And while some of us revel in the opportunity to catch up on our sleep, others dread the day they have nothing to do. Whichever party you’re with, here’s exactly what goes on in the mind of someone who just can’t switch off…

1. You would rather have holiday left over than use it up. Rest is for the weak, right?







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2. And God forbid, if anyone ever convinces you to go abroad, your iPhone, laptop and work emails will be right by your side.

















3. Sundays are your idea of hell. Lay-ins, brunches and long walks? There are things to be done, people!


















4. You are ALWAYS early for work. Up at the crack of dawn, too. In the words of Karl Lagerfeld, “Sleep when you die.”














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5. You would rather go hungry than not be able to afford a social life. Night in (bored and alone) with food or night out networking and socialising?

















6. You’re a pro at multitasking because you’re ALWAYS doing more than one job (probably four or five) at once. It comes with practice.


















7. You NEVER admit to being tired in case people dare tell you to take some time out. Oh, and yawning is TOTALLY off limits.


















8. The only spare time you have is spent making to-do lists. Must. Not. Rest.
















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9. Baths are the enemy. Why would anyone in their right mind want to waste time rolling around in a tub of lukewarm water?!



















10. You don’t – and never will – understand how so many people can binge watch Netflix?! Those hours in front of the box could be spent making life-changing decisions… Or just doing some real important admin.  







eating alone amy schumer watching tv












11. You’re the annoying colleague who dishes out another task at 5.29pm on a Friday because you’re not ready to go home and do nothing – even if everyone else is.