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If there’s one person in your life who will do absolutely anything to make you feel fabulous, it’s your BFF. And, in celebration of World Kindness Day, we’ve put together a compilation of kind things only your very best pal would do for you. We’ll put money on it that you know all about these..

They will hold your hair back while you vomit: We’ve all been there. Whether you’re actually poorly, or just had a bit too much to drink (probably the latter), your bessie mate is guaranteed to be on hand to hold your hair out of the way. They won’t even bat an eyelid. In fact, they’ll probably clean it up for you afterwards, too.














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They will lend you their knickers: After a slumber party, or another kind of ‘slumber party’, your best mates are the only ones in the world who will lend you their knickers and not recoil in horror. You won’t even need to ask – they’ll just be there in all their clean glory ready for you to slip into.


















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They will be your wingman: No matter how much they might embarrass themselves. If you spot a potential love interest and let your friend know (all it’ll take is the wink of an eye or a nudge), they will do anything to entertain his friend and make sure you get to spend the entire evening together. If his friend is head-banging at the front of the dance floor, your friend will be right there next to him leading the show.













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You can rely on them in an emergency Tinder rescue: You have a code word to text when you need to get out of an awful blind date – and fast. They’ll be on the end of the blower before you can say get me out of here with some god awful excuse involving the dying cat, dog, or fish you never had. He just got pied.














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They will share their lunch with you when money is tight: And probably their breakfast, snacks and dinner, too. There isn’t a worse feeling than not having enough money to feed yourself, but your best friend will be there to keep you from starving. And if means them suffering too? Well, so be it.


















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They will tell you you weren’t “that bad” after a night out: A white lie goes a long way when it comes to drinking. That birthday party you totally ruled karaoke? Your best friend will be on hand to make sure you waste no time feeling ashamed. Chances are, they were right by your side doing exactly the same thing, too.



















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They will help with all your beauty hacks, no matter how personal: Whether it’s fake tanning your bare back, tweezing your ingrown hairs or checking your teeth, your bessie will know your bod inside out. You’ll do exactly the same for them too. And you’ll both tell each other the whole truth when you aren’t looking your best, no matter how harsh.












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They will ditch their boyfriends/hubbies whenever you need them: Those nightly phone calls are a no-brainer, and absolutely no-one – especially boys – will get in the way of that. As for emergencies, your gal pal be out of the door before her man can even ask why. Long live sisterhood!






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And when the shoe is on the other foot, they will be brutally honest: OK, so they probably don’t like the thought of sharing you with the male species, but if they’re really not right for you, your BFF will make sure you know it. Trust us, you’ll be thanking them for a lucky escape later.







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They will randomly compliment you, just to make you feel good about yourself: Your bestie will always be there to give you a little boost. Whether it’s the Monday blues, or you’re just feeling a little deflated, a little luvin’ from your BFF can make the world of difference. The hug afterwards goes without saying, obvs.




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Most of all, though, your best friends are the only ones who will be there throughout all of the ups and downs. And we couldn’t love ours more!


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