11 Subtle Ways To Change Your Look

1) Wear a colour you’ve never worn before

Never been brave enough to rock yellow or orange? Now’s your chance to try it out.



2) Give your go-to lipstick a rest

You may be reliant on your red lippy for confidence, but swapping to a neutral shade will provide a softer look.

If you tend to keep your make-up girlie, vamp things up with a burgundy hue.



3) Invest in a pair of jeans in a different cut

We’ve all got our favourite, whether it’s skinny, bootcut, boyfriend or flares.

You’ll be surprised how different your tops and shoes look with another style.



4) Take a shopping trip – and avoid all of your favourite stores

This will really open your eyes to what else is out there.



5) Get a new piercing

Even if it’s as subtle as a lobe stud, you’ll feel a teeny bit more edgy.



6) Change your parting

You can do this while blow-drying, meaning it’s completely temporary.

Bored of your down ‘do? Add a long side fringe for a day.



7) Mix up your eyeshadow palette

You can also change the way you do your eyeliner. We love the puppy liner trick.




8) When you buy something new, give something you already own to charity

You’ll eventually end up with a totally refreshed wardrobe.



9) Experiment with a new kind of manicure

Go wild with wraps, play around with jewels or add interest with a feature nail.



10) Upgrade your plait

Pancaking is going to be huge this year.



11) Wear a different piece of jewellery every day

Not got loads to choose from? Buy a multipack of bracelets, rings or earrings and ban any repeats until you’ve used them all.

> Picture: Topshop