16 Beauty Situations That Make Us Want To Cry

Ah, make-up. Sometimes it can make us feel like the sexiest lady in the room, all flawless Beyonce skin and power pout. Other times, it can make us want to scream and cry and punch a pillow.

Because when you’re a glamourpuss who takes a little more than a layer of moisturiser and a quick hair brush to get ready, you’ll know that all too often, beauty mistakes can happen.

This article is dedicated to those terribly frustrating times when your make-up really isn’t your friend.

Here are 16 beauty situations that make us want to weep:

1. When your favourite lipstick melts in the sun.

2. When your brand new Bobbi Brown blusher smashes after a week.



3. When you sneeze right after putting on your mascara.

4. When you’ve just finished painting your nails and realise you have to delve into your bag to get your keys.

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5. When you style the perfect ponytail and your hair bobble snaps.

6. When you get one eyeliner flick perfect whilst the other looks like a total car crash.


7. When you spend an hour styling your dreamy barrel waves only for one gust of wind to undo it all in a second.

8. When your white deodorant ends up smeared all over your LBD.

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9. When your falsh lash falls off on a night out and you forgot to pack the glue.

10. When your foundation runs out when you’ve only done half your face.



11. When you go heavy on the dry shampoo and your hair turns grey.

12. When you apply instant tan only to walk out into a torrential rainstorm. 

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13. When the lid to your kohl pencil falls off in your make-up bag and everything turns black.

14. When your bronzer brush starts to malt and you end up with a hairy face.



15. When you overpluck one eyebrow and have to wait two weeks to look normal again.

16. When you perfectly apply your eyeshadow only for it to crease 20 minutes later.