Watch 100 Years Of Workout Style In Three Minutes

Ever wondered what it was like to workout in the 19th century? Well, Blogilates founder Cassey Ho just modelled 100 years of workout style and put it all together in a three minute video that’ll have you laughing, gasping and grimacing all at once.

We’re not kidding. Ho starts all the way back in 1910 and goes right the way through to the 2010s, including everything from ankle-length skirts, kitten heels and high-rise leotards. Yes, kitten heels.

> The 1940s saw pussybow blouses, paperbag shorts and wedges?!




Luckily, it looks like we’ve evolved in a way that means working out nowadays is A LOT more appropriate (and stylish) than pretty much every other century. I mean, pussybow blouses, wedges and a cross trainer aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. That 90s floral unitard, on the other hand, would give Screech from Saved By The Bell a run for his money. (Not in a good way, FYI). And pleated midi skirts, baker hats and skipping ropes? Now that’s just an accident waiting to happen.



> 1950s sportswear looks more like modern day workwear…



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As for equipment, there’s not a TRX band or pilates machine in sight. Instead, Cassey walks us through a series of torturous looking battle ropes, leather dumbbells and metal elliptical machines. And anyone who can guess what on earth those metal, rope type arm bands are used for gets a gold star from us…


> Retro floral unitards and super thick socks ruled 1990s sportswear




The most alarming thing of all, though, has to be Cassey’s perfectly honed hair and make-up. It’s only until about the 1970s that Ho loses the pins, hair buns and quiffs in favour of something a little looser and more ‘gym-appropriate’ if we may say so ourselves. 

In short, if there’s one thing to take from Cassey’s video, it’s that we should all thank our lucky stars for the likes of Lulu Lemon, Nike and Adidas. We LOVE you!


> Finally, the 2010s sees leggings, vests and runners coming into their own




Watch the full video here: