A wedding dress from 1915 shown in Mode's 100 Years of Wedding Dresses video

Watch 100 Years of Bridal Fashion In Just Three Minutes

It would seem so, as Mode’s video charting 100 years of wedding dress fashion from 1915 to now has gone seriously viral, racking up more than three million views. The three minute time-lapse video features model Lolly Howie showcasing an array of gowns, complete with make-up, hair, accessories and bouquets relevant to the decade.

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The vid begins in 1915, where it is all about being covered up – necklines are high, hemlines are long and elbow length gloves are added. Though we’ve got to say that all that lace somehow feels super modern.

Fast-forward ten years to 1925 and you’re into full-on Great Gatsby glamour – pearls, drop waists and red lips.

1935 goes back to being demure with a full-length gown and matching lace overcoat adorned with beautiful covered silk buttons.

By 1945 women were experimenting a little more with makeup and textures like velvet, but still covering up.

Possibly our fave, 1955 was all about pouffy, lace proms, boat necklines, dainty boquets and a playful slick of pink on the lip. We’d SO wear that frock right now.

Right in the middle of the swinging sixties, 1965 saw fuller, ruched skirts (rather Vivienne Westwood don’t you think?), shorter sleeves and bold bows for decoration.

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Fashion has been having a serious 70s love in at the moment, but when it came to getting hitched in 1975, it was less tassels and flares, more Woodstock hippie with crochet, floral hair garlands, barefeet and a bouquet of wild flowers.

1985 will make you LOL. Pure Madonna, we’re talking next level OTT – bigger hair, pouffier sleeves, bolder make-up. 

1995 is a pared-back affair – an elegant, off the shoulder full skirted gown complete with pearl drop earrings.

The naughties saw a return to a more classic silhouette, with column gowns, sweetheart necklines and wavy up’dos all the rage in 2005.

As for 2015? Pure bridal perfection.

The video has been watched 3,732,058 times on YouTube with people arguing about which decade is best.

But the final message of the video may just be the best bit – love is never out of fashion.

So, which one would you rock on your big day?