10 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Wearing A Bikini

1. Checking for strays

No matter how thoroughly you may have waxed that bikini line, we’ll still sit there anxiously pulling down the sides of our bikini bottoms. JUST. IN. CASE. 


Rogue hairs are not the one. 


2. The pop-out


It’s either happened to you, or somebody around you, but no matter what size your lady lumps are, one of your boobs might just feel like peeking out from your bikini and saying hello. 

Hold onto those babes when you’re taking a dive. Just saying. 


3. The return of the nipples

Water and a thin bikini top has only one consequence really. But, it’s all natural.




4. The wiggle

Without the protection of our jeans, we can’t help but feel a little exposed. Let’s be frank, it’s all hanging out. So walking around pool-side can feel a little more rhythmic than normal. 


Can we just be J-Lo, please?


4. Perfecting the art of the towel wrap


There’s a trick to it. You don’t want it to be limping loosely around you like a blanket – so not sexy – but you also need to cover all the right places.

Fold and tuck. Skill.  


5. Dare to bare? 

Tan lines are a hazard for any sunbather. It’s that internal argument between sunbathing topless or the dreaded little white lines. 


Bandeau is the only way to go, really. 

6. Can everyone see EVERYTHING? 

Your swimsuit is not see though.

And if it is, let’s face it, nobody’s going to complain. 


7. Wedgie pain 


The unpleasant side effect of the water slide. They sure are fun though. 

8. The sand dance 


That shiz just gets everywhere. 


9. Who’s got the camera out?

The fear of a pool-side photo. Make sure you work those angles, and don’t forget the standard hot dog shot… 


10. Cellulite galore

We’ve all got it girls.

Embrace it and love your bod’.


By Laura Jane Turner

Images: Tumblr