10 Things You Know If You’re An Older Sibling

Prince George has not long entered the life of an older sibling.

Sure, he’s still a toddler, and he’s a Prince, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got all of this to look forward to… 

1. Before they came along you had life sorted… 

But somehow, you just weren’t enough for your parents. Pfft. 


2. When they first came along you played nice…


…In front of your parents


3. But in reality, it was war.


4. They stole your toys as well as the love and affection that was rightly yours. 


5. And if you were winning a game they’d cry, so you had to let them win. 


6. As you got older, they’d steal your clothes, music, and pretty much anything they could get their grubby mitts on. 


7. But, sometimes, they had their uses and you could join forces with the single mission to drive your parents around the bend. Because, LOL. 


8. And usually, they had your back. 


9. While it may seem that you’re being a bit mean to them sometimes, God forbid anyone else who thinks they can do the same. 


10. Because, actually, they’re not so bad… 


And if you think you had it tough, these celebrity siblings probably had it a whole lot worse. 

We mean, who’d want to compete with Beyonce? And being Kim Kardashian’s little sister? You can forget it (although Kylie Jenner is holding her own with her world famous sis’, dontcha think?). 

But, when it comes down to it, you wouldn’t want to live without them.

Right? Right.