10 Fresh Ways To Wear Your Polo-Neck This Season

Photos: Rex

You polo-neck is probably your most useful wardrobe essential – it has quickly become more staple than a simple white tee. Come rain or shine, casual or smart – your polo-neck has probably seen you through many a wardrobe dilemma. With the autumn/winter 2015 catwalks and the street style set keeping the polo-neck at the top of their most-worn lists – this fashion week has been filled with more polo-necks than a skiing holiday – the item is clearly going nowhere fast. On top of that, it’s totally celeb-approved – from Kim Kardashian to Olivia Palermo, Daisy Lowe and Fearne Cotton – try and spot a celeb you love who hasn’t worn one. So, we have rounded up the 10 best ways to wear your polo-neck right now and which new styles you must try to keep you totally on trend!

Ladies, it’s time to appreciate the humble polo-neck. Here we go!

1. Pair With A Pencil

Whether you choose to tuck it in a la Kim or keep it slightly looser-looking like the gorgeous Jessica Hart, your polo and your pencil make a damn good team. Try a polo-neck with a thin material for this particular styling to show off your figure like these two do!

2. Make It Match

Choosing one block colour is a great way to accentuate your height and, as you can see, it makes for one very stylish move. Whether you plump for a skirt or trousers, a matching look is just the ticket to winning the style game this season.

3. It Will Make The Perfect Date For Your Dungas

Dungarees are almost as popular as polo-necks at the mo, so it really makes sense to bring them together. Whether you go for a chunky jumper or a jersey roll-neck, take your dungarees to the next level of cool by slipping a polo-neck underneath. For bonus style points, add a vibrant colour like this seriously on-trend burnt orange.

4. Dress It Up All 50s Feminine

The great thing about the polo-neck is that you can pair it with something super statement and balance your look out with a hint of simplicity. Felicity Jones and Daisy Lowe show off exactly how to make this work – a huge full prom skirt in a bold hue or print teamed with a polo-neck straight form the basics section.

5. Try A Printed Number

Alternatively, the polo-neck can BE the statement piece. Try a printed version to let a basic item take your outfit to the next level. This way, it will bring your jeans or a simple skirt to life.

6. Slip It Under Your Summer Dress

Whether lace or floral, strappy or mini, we bet you are itching to wear your fave summer dress right now. So make this happen by wearing it with thick wool tights and a polo-neck!

7. Chunky Or Ribbed – It’s Time To Try Out A New Texture

All over the catwalk, ribbed polo-necks are totally next season so get ahead girls and find yourselves a polo-neck that’s totally textured.

8. Polo-Neck + Denim Jacket = The Ultimate Transitional Combo

When it gets too warm to wear a coat but is slightly too chilly for just a jacket, throw your denim button-up over a warm polo and you will ease into spring in style (and without goosebumps).

Topshop Denim Jacket, £45

9. Add It To Your Night-Out Arsenal

Whether under a slinky mini-dress or worn atop a printed skirt and heels, a polo-neck isn’t only appropriate for the daytime. Introduce it to your night out now!

10. Don’t Put It Away When Summer Comes

When that sun finally shows it’s face, don’t think it’s time to say goodbye to your favourite versatile item. Bare legs, a bright-hued dress or skirt and a pair of sunnies will make you a sunny day dream. And let’s face it folks, a long-sleeved pick is a pretty safe bet when it comes to the Great British summer.

By Amy de Klerk