27 Hilarious Things Every Girl Wore In The Noughties

1) Circle belts

Nobody wore belts to actually, like, hold up their trousers or anything. We just draped flimsy bejewelled circles around our hips because it looked so chic.

00s Fashion

2) Low-rise trousers

Simon Cowell was basically the only person in the world who owned a pair of high-waisted trews in this era.

00s Fashion

3) But of course, our favourite jeans style of all was bootcut

Preferably from Miss Selfridge.

00s Fashion

4) Baker boy hats

In their defence, this was a big improvement on the bucket hats of the 90s.

00s Fashion

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5) Leggings that inexplicably stopped at the knee

The least leg-lengthening trend there has ever been.

00s Fashion

6) These super-boring (and pretty unflattering) vest tops

We had about 11 different colours in our wardrobes.

00s Fashion

7) Gypsy skirts

Totally nailed that boho look, girl.

00s Fashion

8) Velour tracksuits

Comfortable AND cool. We vote this one makes a return.

00s Fashion

9) Ridiculously over-the-top ponchos

We’re talking patterns, colours, fringing…

00s Fashion

10) Sassy slogan tees

Why say it to their face when you can have it written across your chest?

00s Fashion

11) Weird denim

It was always either too long, too short, ripped or an odd colour. And we loved it.

00s Fashion

12) Painful-looking halternecks

The risk of wardrobe malfunction was HIGH.

00s Fashion

13) Trucker caps

Von Dutch was the ultimate dream, but you could always get a high street knock-off while saving your allowance.

00s Fashion

14) Cargo pants

Generally paired with an extremely tight top.

15) Ties slung loosely around the neck, no collar needed

We know exactly who to thank here, eh Avril Lavigne?

00s Fashion

16) Beaded necklaces

What better way to finish off an outfit?

1) Circle belts 2) Low-rise trousers... 3) ...but of course, our most favourit

17) Coloured and/or printed tights

Oh, we were just so edgy.

00s Fashion

18) Waistcoats

Yep, even Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson was into these back in the day.

00s Fashion

19) T-shirts worn over long-sleeved tops

Forget the jacket, you just layered up in ALL your tees.

00s Fashion

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20) Really, really thin and pointless scarves

TBH, they were probably a strangulation hazard.

00s Fashion

21) Ugg boots

Great until it started raining.

00s Fashion

22) Cropped cardigans

We’re not even sure we understood this at the time.

00s Fashion

23) Bandanas

Ideal for when you couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair.

00s Fashion

24) Fishnet… everywhere

No wonder our mums were always telling us we’d catch our death.

00s Fashion

25) Studded belts

If you were a true rock chick, you’d also accessorise with a chain hanging from your belt loop.

00s Fashion

26) One-shoulder tops

Because having one naked arm on display was simply the height of sexiness.

00s Fashion

27) Sweatbands on our wrists

And not when we were in PE, either.

00s Fashion

Bonus point) Absolutely everything in this photo