Zooey Deschanel On ‘Odd’ Post-Baby Body Expectations

Zooey Deschanel welcomed her daughter, Elsie Otter, last July.

Now, the actress is speaking out on behalf of new mums everywhere, saying that they shouldn’t put themselves under pressure to regain their pre-baby figures.

Zooey and her husband Jacob Pechenik in November last year

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Speaking to Redbook for their May cover issue, Zooey explains, ‘To expect someone to look like her pre-baby self immediately is odd.

Image: Redbook


‘Because you just grew a human and then birthed that human – there’s a lot that needs to go back to where it was. All your organs move around, for chrissakes!’

What a breath of fresh air.

Of course, she’s right. With all of the worries and pressures of being a new mum, you don’t want to be adding body woes onto the list.

Just a few days ago, reports emerged that Kate Middleton had been quizzed on her post-baby body, whilst on her trip to India. 

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At an event that had been organised to honour the Queen’s 90th birthday, she was asked a pretty personal question.

PEOPLE reported that Professor Bulbul Dhar-James, who attended the party, explained, ‘We said: “How do you lose all the weight after having two kids?” And she said: “I am running after my kids!”‘ 

Probably the last thing you’d expect to be asked at a party. But hats off to Kate for such an honest and gracious answer, no?  

Ladies, make sure you LOVE that post-baby body, whatever its shape or size!