Zoella Just Got A WHOLE Lot More Popular

Yes, Zoella has done it again. Proving her immense popularity, the blogger has now reached 9 million subscribers on YouTube. 

‘WAAAAAAAAAAH! There’s now 9 MILLION of you. I am so thankful and grateful for all of your constant support and love’, she tweeted excitedly as the news broke.

‘I’m still in complete shock that so many of you are subscribed to little old me! xxx’.

In fact, Zoe’s been smashing records all over the place. Who could forget when the YouTube sensation’s Tutti Frutti range was a smash hit back in July after just 24 hours of being on sale?

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With prices starting from just £3, the collection of bath and beauty products are the perfect price point for the vlogger’s young fan base.

Zoella’s first range, which launched last year, held the title for the high street chain’s most popular line – until Tutti Frutti came along and claimed the crown.

Her newest products include a Let’s Spritz Body Spray – which is the best-selling so far – the Fresh Fizz bath bomb and a Kissy Missy lip balm



A spokesperson for the high street store has said: “This isn’t a one-off range from a beauty blogger, but a truly excellent collection from a brand which is trusted by her teenage fan base.

“Zoe has built up an enormous fan base who trust her implicitly, they know that she wouldn’t design a product she wouldn’t want to use herself.”

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Zoe also took to Instagram to share an exciting milestone of her own. Sharing her cover of Girl Talk, the YouTube star expressed just how much this means to her.



She said: “Amazingly (and very gratefully) I’ve been on the front cover of quite a few magazines over the past few years. However, when I saw that I was on the front cover of GirlTalk, I got all nostalgic and felt emotional.

“This was the magazine I would beg my parents to let me have every fortnight between the ages of 8-12 and I would save them all and cut out all the posters and blue tac them to my bedroom wall. Imagine someone telling me as an 8 year old that one day there would be a poster of me in there, or that I would be on the front cover or even on another little girls bedroom wall. It’s just so crazy!

“Thank you all for your continued support with everything that happens on this journey. Your positive messages and comments never go unnoticed! ❤️ I just love you all (but also, never give up on something you love, regardless of whether people try and tear you down, keep your head up and carry on doing YOU) xxxxxx”

We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next… 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: Instagram: @Zozeebo