Zoella Just Experienced The Scary Side Of Fame

Zoella has just recalled a pretty scary experience with her fans. And we really feel for her.

The YouTuber, real name Zoe Sugg, might be used to having her every move watched by millions (you only have to check out her subscribers to see how many eyeballs are interested in what this little lady gets up to), but it seems that the focus on the 25-year-old might have just reached a new level. 

Speaking directly to her fans on Snapchat, Zoe claims that she was followed from her home to a business meeting by a photographer, who she says had been sitting outside her house ‘for hours’. 

Pretty scary stuff for a young girl, no?

She said, ‘This morning there was a weird blacked out car on the corner of the road right outside the house…’

Zoe explains that she thought to herself, ‘that’s a bit weird’ but carried on with her day. 


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The famous vlogger recalls, ‘…get in my car… we’re off to our meeting… I look in my wing mirror, and it’s the car.’

‘It’s followed me from my house all the way to my meeting… Down into an underground car park and parked right in front of my car.’


Zoella says, ‘Turned out it’s this guy, who’s “paparazzi”, who hangs around outside my house waiting to get photos of me.’

The star explained: ‘Made me feel a little bit freaked out’. 

Oh, Zoe. We can imagine that this would feel pretty intimidating. 

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Kendall Jenner is just one of the other celebrities who has recently spoken out about a bad experience with a photographer, saying that one was in her ‘personal space’ before adding, ‘I get that [the paparazzi] have a job to do, too – but I’d love it if they gave me a break every now and then.’

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Zoella said that she ran from the car to ‘try and get away from him’, and finished: ‘Moral of the story? it’s alright to not feel comfortable with a man sitting outside your house and following you’. 

Thanfully, Zoe was joined by some of her friends. But she admits, ‘If i was on my, own I don’t think I actually would have got out of my car… I would have seriously been actually really freaked out.’

We’re sorry to hear this, lady.

Sending lots of hugs your way, Zoe.