Zoella Has An Important Message About Our Bodies

We love Zoella for always being so honest and open. And once again, she’s proven that she isn’t ashamed to reveal some of her most personal thoughts.

The 26-year-old vlogger has been sharing some super-cute and hilarious #TBT pictures with us over on her Twitter page today.

Beforehand, she’d told us: ‘Looking through so many old photos! Expect some more cringe-worthy shots haha! Ultimate throwback Thursday.’

Aw. So this is Zoella at 17


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We then got a glimpse of a 17-year-old Zoella – real name Zoe Sugg – working a side fringe, lashings of eyeliner and clear lip gloss. So on trend for the time, eh?

There was also a blooper of an early video she’d shot with a pal at the age of 15.

Zoella shared a funny blooper vid with fans


But there was one old-school snap that particularly struck a chord with us, as well as plenty of her young fans.

The photo showed Zoella posing on a beach as a young teen. Her early-00s look was on point, what with her wearing a cutesy flower-print skirt and tying her curly locks into a slicked-back ‘do.

But it was the fact that she was in a bikini top that made the most important point of all.

Zoella made an important point with this photo


She’d captioned the image: ‘That time I grew boobs before anything else and hated it. All bodies are beautiful. Wish I’d known that aged 14!’

What a great sentiment, Zoe. And fans were quick to send supportive messages.

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Zoella is now a fashion and beauty icon


Comments included: ‘You are beautiful, always have been!!’ and: ‘You’re beautiful zoe and we love you a lot.’

Happily, it seems Zoella – who’s dating fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes – is now feeling a lot more confident about her figure.

Zoella is dating fellow vlogger Alfie Deyes, AKA Pointless Blog


She later joked: ‘I think all my body fat was in my boobies at that stage of life! haha.’

Well, we think you always look gorge, Zoe. And we hope everyone remembers her powerful message from now on.