The £19.99 Secret Behind Zoe Sugg’s Brand New Hairstyle

Why we're obsessed with the idea of corkscrew curls...

YouTuber Zoella has always been one of our go-to beauty icons for a little #hairspiration.

The 26-year-old, real name Zoe Sugg, has previously experimented with a full side fringe, brunette-to-blonde ombre, and, most recently, she went for the chop and took her dye job a few shades lighter.

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The internet sensation knows how to rock a bouncy blow dry, but when she debuted some poodle perm curls, we totally fell in love.


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You might have heard that the ’80s is back, so not only does this super cute ‘do totally suit Zoe, it’s also bang on the money when it comes to trends.

As it happens, the secret behind achieving Zoe’s corkscrew curls is a handy little tool that we’ve actually been loving for a while now.


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Enter, Lee Stafford’s Original Chopstick Styler.

Just like any wand, this styler has a tong that heats up, allowing you to twist your hair around it for instant wow factor curls.

But the thing that makes this one so different is the width of the styler. It’s no thicker than an IRL chopstick – hence the name.

Having seen Zoe’s latest Instagram snaps, we’ll be dusting ours off and giving our hair a twirl STAT.

Talk about #hairgoals.