Zayn Malik Has Gone Through A Colourful Hair Makeover

Guys, we think we should all have a moment of silence for Zayn Malik’s blond hair.

The 23-year-old cemented himself as a smokin’ hot solo singer when he debuted his silvery tips before Christmas – but now he’s gone and got rid of them. *Sob*.

Zayn Malik has waved goodbye to his blond locks


But it’s all A-okay! He’s chosen an even cooler colour instead.

On Saturday, Zayn shared a Twitter snap of himself with bright PINK locks. Which, as expected, got fans a teeny bit excited.

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HELLO, Zayn Malik’s pink hair


One commented: ‘you just killed me,’ while another wrote: ‘I actually love this colour though.’

He then debuted his new look at a pre-Grammys gala in LA last night, showing off the now-faded cotton candy hue on the red carpet.

Zayn Malik’s hair has now faded to a pastel hue


Zayn paired his ‘do with a simple white shirt and black trousers combo. Very cool.

But unfortunately for the ex-One Direction singer, not everything about his evening went exactly to plan. His former bandmate Harry Styles was reportedly also at the bash. Uh-oh.

Although the pair weren’t pictured together, we imagine it could have been a little bit awkward for them to be in the same room.


We mean, Zayn has previously admitted that the ‘never really wanted to be in 1D’ and that the music ‘wasn’t for him’.

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He’s also said that the only member of the band he’s spoken to since he quit last March is Liam Payne.

Harry Styles was also at the party


Let’s hope that changed last night, eh? We reckon they could’ve have a nice catch-up about life over the pond.

Oh, and their model girlfriends…