So… What’s The *Truth* Behind Zayn Malik’s Head Tattoo?

Um. Can we all take a second to check out Zayn Malik’s face?!

The 23-year-old singer took to Instagram at the weekend to share a sexy selfie of his side profile. So far, so pleasing.

He was rocking a new shaved ‘do, plenty of manly stubble and his signature hooped earring. But, um, WHAT was that on the side of his temple?

> Yep. So *this* is the ink in question…


Apparently, Zayn now has a huge HEAD tattoo. It appears to be of a bird in flight, with the initials M.O.M. scribed across a banner in the centre of the design. Um.

We’re pretty sure it’s not a dedication to his mother Trisha, either. Instead, it seems to be marking the upcoming release of his debut solo album Mind Of Mine.

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> Zayn Malik’s tattoo appears to be a tribute to his debut solo album


The record comes out next week, and it’s his first offering since quitting One Direction last year.

Anyways, it’s safe to say that Zayn’s fans are not particularly impressed with the inking.

Comments on Twitter include: ‘Why did Zayn Malik tattoo his face please,’ If you had a face as beautiful as Zayn Malik’s, why would you put a hideous tattoo on it?’ and ‘Zayn’s face tattoo is gross.’ Eek.

> Zayn Malik quit One Direction last March


But here’s the big question… is he just being a huge trickster? Some have speculated that the piece could be fake, including celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul.

He Tweeted: ‘I will be shocked if it’s real.i hope not I really like the lad he is the coolest one in the band.’

> Zayn Malik’s been a tattoo fan for years, but his latest design is next level


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And now Zayn’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid has confused everyone even more. She shared a Snapchat of Zayn earlier today, which shows his face looking fresh and ink-free.

> Gigi Hadid shared this Snapchat of Zayn Malik earlier today