OK, We’re Crushing On Swedish Popstar Zara Larsson

Never Forget You was the catchiest tune of 2015 and now Zara Larsson’s back with a new interactive music video for new addictive tune Lush Life, where she’s paired up with Clinique to showcase their new Pop range of lipsticks. In the vid, Zara Larsson plays four characters which each pair up with one of the four Pop colours. We managed to grab the Swedish popstar for 10 precious minutes…

Hi Zara, how did your Clinique #Playwithpop collaboration come about?

They approached me and it seemed like such a cool idea to try so many different looks.

What’s your favourite Pop shade?

I love the Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Berry Pop. We used it for the Vixen look in the video. I don’t usually wear much make-up when I’m working so it was fun to try something new.

> Zara Larsson’s favourite Vixen look for the video



Your single Never Forget You has been everywhere. Who influences your sound?

I’ll be honest, no one. I totally used ot have a ‘Beyonce complex’ and tried to think “would she like it?” all the time. But I quickly realized that’s not important. If I like it them that’s all that matters.

What’s been the most significant moment of your career so far?

That’s a tough one. It’s all going so well but it’s definitely incredible for my music to be heard globally. It means so much to me.



You won Sweden’s Got Talent at just 10 years old, was that not your biggest moment?

No, it was a huge deal for me then, but I went straight back to school after I won. In fact, I took five years off and just did normal things before recoding anything. Now my music is just completely different.

Which other artists do you love?

I’m a big fan of lots of current singers but I really love Rihanna. Especially her new Anti album. I love all of the songs even though it’s so different to what she’s done before. I like the fact that she loves them and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

> Clinique’s Pop Colour + Primer range


You must get invited to celebrity parties all the time now. Which is the best one you’ve ever been to and why?

Probably The Weeknd’s Grammys after-party. It was amazing. Literally everyone was there. I didn’t take any pictures but lots of people were snapchatting. It was just so cool.

What’s next for you, maybe touring?

Hopefully yeah. I can’t wait for my album which is out in a few months.

Zara has collaborated with Clinique to create the industry’s first interactive music video. See it in full at Playwithpop.com