Your New Weekend Party Hairstyle: The Bubble Pony

If you’re looking to mix up your usual go to style, but don’t consider yourself to be wonderfully gifted in the hair-styling department, this pretty pony is your new best friend.

This week, celebrities Jessica Chastain and Maria Menounos were both seen sporting the bubble pony. Ideal in the unpredictable winter weather, this style is effortlessly chic, the perfect alternative to a classic pony or up-do and just as easy to achieve. Don’t be scared to spray, spray, spray – the more hairspray the better, make sure you coat the length of the pony to ensure your hair stays fabulous and frizz free all night long.

Click bellow to watch our Hairstyle How-To Video to see just how easy it is to get the look!

Gabrielle Dyer