Warning: Your Laptop Could Be Ageing Your Skin

Technology: can’t live with it, can’t live without it – it seems our obsession with electronic devices is fast becoming a health epidemic. How many times have we been told about the detrimental effects of being attached to our phones? We lie in bed staring at screens for hours and then wonder why we can’t sleep. We are available 24/7 at the press of a button, and with this constant accessibility comes an inability to switch off.

Well, we hate to break it to you but yet another damaging effect that is potentially as bad if not worse has recently come to light, and it’s to do with our skin. It turns out that the blue light emitted from our laptops, and phones, called high-energy visible light (HEV), could be more damaging to your skin than sun exposure.

We spoke to Dimitri James, Founder and CEO of skincare brand Skinn about the effects: “Evidence suggests that HEV penetrates more deeply than UV rays, causing accelerated ageing, discoloration and wrinkles,” he said. “It may be damaging to DNA as well.” What does this damage look like? “Coarse-looking skin with advanced signs of ageing: slackening, wrinkling, loss of volume.”

Scary, we know. And considering most of us spend most of our day staring at a screen, we need to start thinking about protecting ourselves. If you’re wondering whether or not slathering on your normal sunscreen at your desk will do the job, sadly the answer is no. But, don’t freak out, while research on this is scarce (remember, it’s only in the last 10 years that we have become totally dependent on technology), a new patent pending ingredient has been found to successfully shield the skin from HEV light: Liposhield HEV melanin. “If you work in front of a computer screen make sure you have on a HEV shield,” says Dimitri. “This ingredient provides an added layer of protection that sunscreens don’t have and should be included in your day-time regime.”

Unfortunately few skincare brands have picked up on this ingredient and the majority are only available in America, but it’s just a matter of time before the beauty industry taps into HEV protection and we predict many more products will be emerging in the new year. Watch this space.

Blue Light Barriers

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Gabrielle Dyer