The New Affordable Skincare Range That Rivals The Ordinary

All hail Your Good Skin.

Remember when the Ordinary first launched and we were all like ‘OMG maybe we don’t need to live off beans on toast to be able to afford good skincare!’

Yep. That was a joyous day. Well, there’s a new range in town that’s promising the same results as pricier products and they start from just £4. Meet Your Good Skin – Boot’s latest venture, it’s about to get you the best skin of your life.

It may not look that extravagant but it sure is mighty. The hero from the range is the Balancing Skin Concentrate, £17, a super lightweight formula, once you’ve applied it it’s quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave any residue.

The serum is meant to improve your skins texture, tone, radiance oiliness and moisture levels. It’s packed full of potent green tea, vitamin C, E and Japanese lilly turf root, which gives it a lovely fresh, clean smell and sphinganine which stops your skin from getting that dreaded shine.

You can apply it before your moisturiser after you’ve cleansed your skin and you should notice an improvement in a matter of weeks.

Don’t believe us? head to Boots and pick up a bottle – even if you’re not 100% sold (which we are pretty certain you will be) you will have only parted with £17.