You Won’t Believe How Much We Spend On Our Periods

We all know that periods are a total nightmare.

There’s the stomach cramps, the fear of wearing anything white, the mood swings, annoying spillages on fresh bed sheets… we could go on.

But now there’s something else about Mother Nature’s cruel gift that’s got our blood boiling (no pun intended).

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According to a survey by, women spend an average of £18,450 on periods over a lifetime. Yes, SERIOUSLY.

That’s nearly 20 whole grand on something that provides us with absolutely no pleasure at all. Argh, where is the fairness?

Not only that, but only 65% of it goes on sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners.

Without even realising it, we also end up splashing out on pain relief, new underwear, chocolate and magazines. *Sighs*.


So how did they work this out? Well, of the 2,134 women surveyed, 77% stated that their period lasted for 5 days or more.

This means we’re spending around a quarter of the month paying extra dosh just to feel comfortable. Major sad face.

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A staggering 91% revealed that they regularly buy medication to ease their stomach pains and 78% said they only trust branded sanitary products, which are pricier than value items.


Overall, the women spent a monthly average of £13 on feminine hygiene, £8 on new underwear (ta spillages), £4.50 on pain relief, £8.50 on comforting snacks and £7 on other items, such as magazines and toiletries.

Seeing as we generally have around 450 periods in our lives, that can really add up.

Now let’s consider the fact that sanitary items are considered ‘non-essential, luxury’ items. This means they’re taxed at 5%, racking our costs up even more.

Let’s also remember that items with a 0% tax rate include flapjacks, edible cake decorations and Jaffa Cakes. Um.


As expected, all the participants thought these products should cost less money and that the tax should be removed by the government.

We can’t see why. #Sarcasm.