You Need To See This Crazy Body Contouring Video

First there was face contouring (thanks Kim K), then we had clown contouring (a technique that uses bright colour to contour), and more recently we’ve even had neck contouring (erm wtf?!).

Well now we bring you a form of contouring like you’ve never seen before. Yep, were talking about body contouring.

Body contouring is having a major moment, and one Instagram video is to blame. The video shows a makeup artist called Jose Martinez body contouring a model named Lauren York. The vid has had over 30k likes on the @fashionvideo.s account, and has now gone viral.

The transformation Martinez performs is seriously impressive, and the video is weirdly mesmerizing to watch. Warning: you may watch this 15-second clip over and over… Catch it here. To see the full three-minute tutorial you need to pay to sign up to

In the video Martinez contours the model’s body from head to toe. We hate to think how much makeup he went through…

First he contours the face to create cheekbones, a more defined jawline and a thinner nose, and then he moves onto the body.


He paints contours on the body to fake the appearance of a six-pack. Who needs the gym when you can paint on those abs, eh?


This is not the full extent of it though. Martinez also successfully makes the model’s boobs look bigger, her arms thinner, and her collarbones more defined. Watching the video is much like viewing photoshop IRL.

And by the time the makeover is finished, the model looks completely different.


While this video may be totally fascinating to watch, we don’t reckon this will be a beauty trend we’ll be trying at home. We can’t think of anything more impractical than covering our whole body in makeup… 

Images: @fashionvideo.s