You Can Buy Kate Middleton’s Glow In A Bottle

Ahh K Middy…always radiant, always youthful, always glowing! Can we just be you please?!

Well now it seems like our dreams may about to come true (kind of). Ever wondered how the Duchess is so good at applying her own makeup? Well before her wedding, she was given makeup lessons by makeup expert Arabaella Preston. Since then, Arabella has launched her own line of beautiful facial oils, Votary, exclusive to Liberty.

The luxury brand offer products with only 100% natural ingredients, which makes for super powerful and effective formulas. Of course the oils were treasured by many and reached cult status before they were available in Anthropologie in Spring.

Now Arabella has launched her latest complexion clearing concoction, Super Seed, yay! As the name suggests, it’s packed full of a variety of seed oils (21 to be precise) including green tea, chia, pomegranate, pumpkin, strawberry, and broccoli, and we think it could be her best oil yet.



“If you’re someone that cares about what you eat, of course it makes complete sense to care about what you put on your skin too” said Arabella.

And she has a point! The oil is full to the brim with the ‘antis’ that’s for sure! Anti-irritation, anti-inflammation and anti-aging. It’s literally the best remedy for skin that’s in need of a health boost and kick of life.

The other great thing is that surprisingly for an oil, it works really well as a makeup base due to its ‘anti’ properties. Those of you with sensitive skin will also be glad that it’s fragrance free. “The smelly is earthy and woody, I absolutely love it,” said Arabella.

Massaging this oil into your skin can make a huge difference! Arabella swears by massaging her face for a couple of minutes everyday, it reduces wrinkles, so therefore it’s a no brainer.

The Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, £70, may seem like a lot for a facial oil but we believe it’s worth every drop as you only need around 4 to 5 drops per use.

You can learn about all the benefits of facial massage by watching Arabella’s tutorial here.


By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak