You Won’t Believe What Barry M’s Best Ever Selling Lipstick Shade Is

We really didn't see this coming...



When you think of a must-have lipstick, what colour comes to mind? A classic red, an on-trend nude? Maybe even a pop of pink?

But it turns out that GREEN was the number 1 best selling shade from Barry M’s lipstick collection. It’s OK, we were shocked too.

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You might remember that Barry M released ‘Magical Colour Changing Lipstick’ back in 2014 and it’s managed to stay top of Barry M’s bestsellers list ever since. But before you go all glam goth on us, it’s worth pointing out that Barry M Genie Lip Paint doesn’t actually dry green.

Despite the electric green hue of this lippy, the green formula actually glides on clear before turning into a dreamy fairy tale rose pink. It’s designed to adapt according to your pH and skin tone, so no two colours look alike. Makeup magic or what?


But it’s not just the glamorous gimmick that had us hooked. The formula is also non-sticky, ultra hydrating and the colour lasts all day long. Best of all? It’s only £4.99. Undue lipstick for under a fiver? No wonder it’s top of the bestsellers list.

Now excuse us, we’re off to do some serious bulk buying.



By Kirsty McKenzie