You Won’t Believe How Much Women Spend On Their Hair

Spoiler: you could buy a private island in Nova Scotia for the same amount of money...

Ever wondered how much it’s actually costing you to have gorgeously glossy hair? Well according to a survey done by almost 3,000 women, women spend almost £50,000 on their hair in their life. 50 grand! WTF.

This means that the average UK British woman spends about £63 a month, or £756 a year on her hair, bringing it to a whopping £48,384 in her lifetime.

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Sounds a bit much, doesn’t it? But when we break down the costs of our cut and colour in the salon, styling tools and hair care products from shampoos to serums, it quickly adds up. But will this mind boggling figure stop us from getting our curly blow-dries on the regular? Hmm, probably not.

Here’s what 50 grand could get you instead:
– A private island in Nova Scotia, Canada
– A round the world flight, five times, in 1st class
– 33,000 Cadbury milk chocolates
– 3,333 MAC lipsticks
– 7,142 glasses of wine
– 100 pairs of Louboutin heels
– 2 chunks of Justin Bieber’s hair
– 454 Drake concert tickets
– 2,779 Yankee Candles
– 58 Pugs

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