The Prettiest Flower Jelly Balms Instagram Love Are Now On ASOS

So. Exciting! These gorgeous flower jelly balms are finally available in the UK. We can’t wait to Insta them…

When the whole of Instagram goes wild for a beauty product you know it’s gonna be a good ‘un. Winky Lux flower jelly balms have been snapped and shared so many times, we were desperate to get our hands on them. After some digging we found out they were only available in the USA. Until now…

Freshly dropped exclusively on ASOS, Winky Lux’s new Flower PH Balms are the prettiest lip treats we have *ever* seen. Each jelly stick contains a little flower trapped cleverly halfway down.

They Change Colour According To Your Lips

The pink lip pill box is going green for the flower balm. Lime green. ??#?

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The balm goes on clear leaving lips looking super hydrated and glossy. The super clever part is that the shade changes according to your lips so it’s different on everyone!

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The PH formula adapts to your lips, changing shade depending on the pH level of your skin. So it’s basically like a mood ring for your mouth.

Flower Jelly Balms Are *So* Pretty

Want to know how the magic really happens? SPOILER ALERT. It’s all science…

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flower jelly lips

A Fluorescein based dye senses the pH level of the skin and adjusts within 60 seconds to create what is thought to be your perfect lip colour. Our minds are officially blown.

And now we can buy them without even getting on a plane! Because that was seriously going to be an option if they didn’t hit UK shores. Happily the beauty heroines at have come to our rescue, stocking a batch of the mesmerizingly pretty flower jellies.

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For £20 you get not one, not two but THREE balms all presented in a cute make up bag. Seriously ASOS/Winy Lux, you are totally spoiling us now.

flower jelly lips

Jump on the bandwagon and grab a balm then Instagram the hell out of your cool new mood-ring-inspo lips.

By Ellen Kerry