Why You Plus Charcoal Equals One Fresh Face

Attention beauty lovers you need a lump of coal in your life. No, not because you’ve been naughty, because you’ve been very good and deserve to be let in on the charcoal skin secret that is all the rage down on Prettyfying Street. Charcoal is a natural exfoliant, cleanser and grime fighter. Who knew? Well us, and here, Carly Hobbs, brings you the best coal in show. Enjoy.

Éminence Balancing Masque Duo, £39

Two definitely become one with this mask of aceness, half of the pot is filled with Charcoal T-Zone Purifier, which you smooth over, you’ve guessed it, the T-Zone, so it can draw out dirt and oil while cleaning out those pesky pores. And then the Pomelo Cheek Treatment, which offers another half of hotness will fight fine lines. This is putting the dream into dreamy right now.



Bliss Multi-Face-Eted All-In-One Anti-Ageing Clay Mask, £35

Spa at home with this luxe carbon treat, which takes care of all of your detoxing skin needs. Winner. Oh and it also evens out tone, softens, brightens, calms down fine lines and makes pores seem a little bit smaller. Phew.



Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, £4.99

A bargainous beauty you can use every day and does tingle a little bit. But in a really good wow-my-face-feels-super-fresh kinda way. And, beauty confession alert, it looks satisfyingly gross as you use it too. Meep.



Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask, £23

Damn those pesky pollutants get all in our faces and making them dull not to mention extra grubby. High fives to this mask, which, when used a few times a week, sucks out these impurities like a magical magnet. Love.



Lush Dark Angels, £6.75

A mash up of black sugar and charcoal, this little pot of look good joy can be used as a mask or as a properly good exfoliating wash. Rub a little over the skin, paying particular attention to the nose, chin and forehead where grime and oil love to hang out!



Carly Hobbs