Why Wearing Lipstick Isn’t All About Looking Pretty

We all know that a slick of lipstick can finish off an outfit – but there may be much more to it than that.

In fact, wearing lippy can be a *major* confidence boost

According to research by Arbonne UK, one in six of us gloss our pouts before going shopping for a major purchase, such as a house or car.



One in 11 of us fear bumping into an ex with au naturel lips and one in 12 would wear it to ask our boss for a pay rise.

A third of women say wearing lipstick on a first date makes them feel more confident and over a quarter (25.2%) feel braver at work with their favourite shade on.

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But what colour do we like the most? There’s no denying that there’s more to think about than just looking pretty.


43% of those surveyed said that their chosen lipstick look is dependent on what they’re doing that day, calling it the ‘ultimate transformative tool’ when going from the office to the bar.

Our favourite shade also depends on our age. Over a third of ladies aged 16-24 prefer red while one in eight aged 55+ would opt for fuchsia pink.

The majority of 25-34 year old ladies favour a modest nude shade.



Interestingly, different generations have varying opinions on ruby lips. 70% of those aged 16-24 feel it portrays a ‘classic’ look, compared to only 18% of women over 55.

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Instead, 56% of this age category described the colour as ‘bold’. Considering iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra have rocked red lips, we can totally see how it’d fit into both categories.

And they’re both pretty cool ladies to feel inspired by.


Vicky Beckett – Arbonne UK’s Vice President and General Manager – says: ‘This survey validates that lipstick is emphatically linked to how we aspire to feel and why there are plenty of reasons that lipstick can make you feel great.

‘It’s encouraging to see that so many British women are oozing confidence in so many day-to-day scenarios, even if they need a little extra help from their favourite cosmetics to do so.’

We agree.