Why This Horse Shampoo Might Be Your Best Find Ever

Can you guess which shampoo brand is absolutely storming the beauty market right now? L’Oreal? Tresemme? Redken?

Nope. Try Mane ‘N Tail, the horse shampoo that has become a total hit with celebrities and beauty bloggers worldwide. Yes, really.

While it might not be your first choice for super shiny locks, it’s well worth a listen. First created to help keep show ponies’ manes and tails looking strong and glossy, it’s quickly become a beauty industry sensation after owners saw how thick and shiny it made their own tresses.

After shiny-haired A-list celebs like Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore started stocking up on the super cheap shampoo, the brand saw an increase of 175% in sales this year alone, and it’s just overtaken L’Oreal to become the best-selling brand on Amazon.


Even better, Mane ‘N Tail has caused such a stir amongst London beauty bloggers that Liberty now stocks it amongst its high-end haircare products. Win!

With excited beauty fanatics also writing rave online reviews claiming the product helps hair to grow faster and leaves it thicker, shinier and stronger, we reckon that’s all the convincing we need.

Head to Amazon.co.uk to pick up a bumper shampoo and conditioner duo for just £7.98.

Looks like sometimes the best products don’t come in the prettiest bottles…

By Robyn Munson