Why Selena Gomez Never Washes Her Hair

Okay, so we may have exaggerated a little – Selena Gomez’s luscious hair does indeed get washed. But not at all as often as you might have expected.

While some of us are slaves to the ritual of daily hair washing, long locked Selena has revealed that she washes her hair, on average, just once a week. She even goes on to say that her actually looks better, the less she washes it!

Yes, we know that’s a bit of a shocker if you have fine hair that falls flat quickly, or roots that just can’t seem to stay non-greasy for more than a day.

But it’s the sheer thickness of her locks that Sel credits for her hair washing freedom.



“I don’t wash my hair everyday, which may sound gross, but it’s actually really bad for my hair,” she explained, during a recent interview.

“Some of my best friends actually can’t go more than maybe two days without washing their hair, and for me, I give my mom and my dad all the credit, because I have thick hair, so it gets better the less I wash it.”

Our Selena hair envy just went up by a gazillion levels!

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“By the third day, my hair actually holds pretty well. It just holds curls better, and it holds product better. It’s so strange, but it actually works.

“I just use a little dry shampoo, and I tease it to keep the volume up. Usually by day four is when I have to absolutely wash it.”

That’s right people, she can go FOUR whole days without the blow-dry struggle.



But is washing your so rarely actually a good thing for your locks?

As it turns out, Selena’s on to something. While it’s important to wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp clean, healthy and moisturised – healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! – over-washing can actually strip away the natural oils that nourish and protect your scalp and roots.

Good advice is to aim for around two hair washes a week, or wait until your hair really feels like it needs a wash – don’t go more than a week for hygiene reasons, though!

If you have very oil skin and tend to get a lot of build-up around your roots, then – sorry – but it’s likely you’ll need lather up a little more often.

Like Selena, play around with your routine to find what works for you!

By Amy Lewis