Why Rosie HW Refused To Have Her Pic Taken For A Year

It turns out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wasn’t always as flawless as she looks now. Because the supermodel has just let slip her biggest ever beauty blunder…

Speaking to Stella magazine, the Victoria’s Secret model revealed that she once didn’t let anyone take a picture of her for a YEAR due to a major hair fail.

We’ve all had our fair share of disasters with our manes over the years, but none more so than duirng our experimental teenage years. And it seems Rosie was the same.  

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> Rosie’s now super photogenic, but this wasn’t always the case…


‘When I was about 14 I had pestered and pestered my mum to get a box of hair dye with brush-on highlights, and I ended up with two massive peroxide streaks, like a badger’, she recalled.

‘I remember crumbling on to the bathroom floor screaming at my mother, “You ruined my life!” and sobbing my eyes out.’

Ah, the ’90s badger stripes. In fact, Rosie’s hair mare was so bad that it left her scarred for 12 months, whereby the usual snap-happy lady refused to be papped. 

‘I think we bought about ten boxes of hair dye to try and colour it back and it just ended up a kind of murky red and really damaged’, she continued. 

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> Rosie also admitted to over-plucking her brows and rocking glitter eyeshadow


‘There are no photographs of me for that whole year: My dad could never find photographs of me turning 14 to 15. I think I refused to have any taken.’ 

We don’t want to wallow in your teenage misery, Rosie, but we’re kind of relieved to know that even one of the most beautiful ladies on earth still suffered from bad dye jobs.

And that wasn’t all. As well as admitting she was told by a modelling agency that her eyebrows were too ‘over-plucked’, the British beauty also indulged in our favourite guilty ’90s beauty trend. GLITTER EYESHADOW. 

‘I wanted purples, blues, greens and glitter’, she said of her teenage self. ‘I had a baby blue sparkly eye shadow that I would apply all the way up to my brows.’

Badger streaks, blue eyeshadow… We’ve done them all. We TOTALLY would have been BFFS with Rosie back in the day…