Why Kylie Jenner *Really* Launched A Lip Range…

Kylie Jenner launched her highly-awaited lip kits this week. And as expected, they sold out in minutes.

The 18-year-old originally announced that she would be the face of her own signature lipstick line back in the summer, and fans have been waiting eagerly ever since.

Monday was the day that the Kylie Lip Kits were officially launched, with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star unveiling the cool packaging online the same day.

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There are three shades so far – Candy K, a pink-based nude, Dolce K, a traditional nude, and finally True Brown K, which pays homeage to the reality star’s signature dark brown hue. Very ’90s.

The lipstick line seemed obvious, considering the fact that Kylie’s pout is pretty much one of the most famous on the planet, but did you know the real reason why Kylie decided to launch it?

Well, in  a new interview with Allure, the selfie-queen spilled all. 


‘I’m obsessed with pinkish-brown, matte lipsticks, and when I was into certain lipstick shades, I would post about them on Instagram so my fans would know what I was wearing,’ she said.

‘But then I couldn’t get my hands on my favorites anymore because my fans would go out and buy them all. That made me think about the possibility of creating a lip collection, because there seemed to be so much interest in what I was wearing on my lips.’

So, Kylie actually created her own lipsticks because her fans kept buying her favourites? LOL. Oh, the perils of having such a popular pout…


The teen also revealed a sneaky sales tactic shops have been employing to sell their lipsticks. ‘At stores, it’s like, “Oh, you want the Kylie Jenner lip color? This is exactly what she uses,”‘, Kylie said of stores that fib about her ‘favourites’. 

‘So I’m like, I’m going to take matters into my own hands and just make my own. So I don’t have to run out.’

She’s a clever cookie, that one.