Whitening Your Teeth Could Give You Third Degree Burns

Most of us would like our teeth to be a few shades whiter, no biggie, right? Well, that’s exactly what 18-year-old Abbie Kilbride thought after she got her braces removed. Rather than going to her dentist, or a professional teeth-whitening company, she booked in with a woman who had been recommended to her by friends. After the treatment Abbie was left with horribly swollen and painful lips that had third degree burns all over them. Shocked and horrified by her results she wrote a Facebook post explaining what happened to her during her treatment, which has now been shared 8,000 times.

In her post she says she wasn’t asked any questions before getting her treatment, like her age, if she had ever had her teeth done before of if she had any allergies. The woman, who is not a dentist and who carried out the procedure in a room in her house, kept reapplying the gel onto her teeth every 10-15 minutes.

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“After I was finished my whole mouth was numb I just assumed it was because I had a gum shield in my mouth for over an hour, but when I looked in the mirror my lips were quite swollen and I was struggling to talk but the woman brushed it off completly and said it was normal and I should put LIPSTICK on and it would be fine.”

Abbie’s Facebook post

She applied some ice and took an antihistamine when she got home in a bid to bring down the swelling. But, the next morning when she awoke her lips were actually stuck together and were so swollen they looked as if she had been in a boxing ring.

She rushed to her chemist who told her to go straight to her GP, but when she got there her doctor laughed it off add said it was a lesson learned. Finally, she was referred to a dental hospital who told her she had suffered from third degree burns and a severe allergic reaction.

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During the ordeal she text the woman who did the treatment, but didn’t receive a reply. Luckily, none of the injuries she sustained will leave her with any permenant damage, but it’s an important lesson for anyone who is thinking about getting work done by someone who is not a professional.

She finished her post with a message to others saying: “The moral of the story is – DO NOT just go to anyone to get your teeth whitened I was completely unaware that only a dentist can you this treatment, so if you’re booked in anywhere other than a dentist / dental nurse please please stay away!”