Hair Extensions: When LOOK Met Vixen & Blush

The search for the perfect hair salon is tough enough – let alone finding one you trust to give you great extensions. But Vixen & Blush officially has the LOOK seal of approval.

V&B has just opened a new Oxford Circus salon (how handy?!), so of course, we popped down to experience it for ourselves. Oh, and to bag a gorgeous new mane while we were at it.

The brand is known for its tailor-made extensions, so it’s great if you’ve got ombré, balayage, of multi-tonal locks. And everything in between. And if you’re worried about getting extensions for the first time, don’t be – no one will put you more at ease than these experienced ladies.

The process of getting hair extensions can sometimes be a bit of a mystery, so here’s exactly what you can expect from your first appointment:

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Step 1) The Consultation

Director Sarah McKenna or one of her stylists will give you a super in-depth consultation to determine your hair type, your lifestyle, the exact look you want and things like how you like to wear your hair. When we say your extensions are custom-made, we mean it.

Step 2) The Hair Prep

Next, your hair will be washed with a clarifying shampoo (head massage included – win) so that the hair extensions can be connected to ultra clean hair. 

vixen and blush hair extensions Pic: @vixenandblush


Step 3) The Fitting

This is the cool bit. After the girls have blended tiny strands of different coloured extensions to perfectly match the tones in your own hair, the strands are then bound together to create extensions to match the thickness of your own hair. (NB:They only use 100% unprocessed virgin hair.) The extensions are then fitted using either the micro ring method or the bonding method – they’ll show you how it looks while you’re going, so you can decide how thick you want it.

Step 4) The Cut And Style

Once you’ve got a full head of fresh, gorgeous hair, you may think you’re good to go – wrong. The cut is just as important. A perfect cut is key to making your extensions totally flawless against your own hair, so they’ll make sure you get a good one. It’s also a chance for you to decide if the extensions feel too long as you can feel how they fall against your body – if they are, just say and you’ll be given a trim until you’re happy. 


Step 5) Aftercare Advice And Maintenance

If it’s your first time with extensions, they’ll give you tonnes of advice about how to look after them, from not brushing your hair when wet, to being careful to rinse out your shampoo properly. 

We left feeling like Kate Beckinsale, and we can’t wait to go back for our next appointment (you should have your extensions moved up around every 3 months).

You may have to take a trip to London for them, but trust us, it’ll be worth it… Thanks V&B!

Prices: From £285

Tel: 0207 323 1793 (Oxford Circus) 0207 729 6263 (Shoreditch)

Website: Vixen & Blush

Instagram: @vixenandblush