What’s Your CC Stick?

Keep your imperfections undercover with Max Factor’s CC Sticks

Blemishes, dark spots, under eye circles; we all have our own skin concerns – and sometimes they call for a slightly more targeted approach than just our everyday concealer.

Always there to answer our make-up prayers, Max Factor has identified the most common skin issues, and created a collection of Colour Corrector Sticks, each one formulated to tackle a different problem.

With five to choose from, the Colour Corrector Sticks have a balmy formula, which means they blend perfectly into the skin. But what do they all do? Read on to find out.

The Reducer
The pale green hue of The Reducer works to neutralise redness caused by everything from blemishes to broken veins. Target the problem area with the precision crayon and blend to see red spots disappear and perfectly prepare skin for foundation.

The Illuminator
The ideal pick-me-up for those days when your complexion has lost its sparkle, The Illuminator gently reflects light, and works to accentuate and highlight the natural contours of your face.

The Balancer
Lighter skin tones are prone to dark spots so The Balancer has been formulated with a pinky hue to even out the complexion, and create a base that allows your foundation get on with its job.

The Brightener
Brighten eyes in an instant by applying The Brightener to under-eye circles. The crayon’s yellow colour balances the purple tones of the skin, readying it for foundation.

The Revitaliser
Lilac in colour to balance out dull, yellow-toned skin, blend The Revitaliser into affected areas to create the perfect base for foundation and achieve a flawless complexion.