What Your Favourite Mani Shade Says About You

Most of us change up our nail polish colour depending on what mood we’re in, what outfit we’re wearing or simply the occasion.

But come on, admit it… There’s usually a go-to shade you tend to lean towards, isn’t there?

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Maybe you’re in the hot red gang, or the goes-with-everything-black, or perhaps you’re more of a neon colour pop girl – but did you know that your signature shade actually reveals alot about you?

According to science, aka. Essie celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders, your preferred nail polish means this…


This means you’ve got killer confidence, as well as some serious edge to your personality. Wear black if you’re feeling sassy and ready to take control.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour In Black Satin, £18




Pink polish princesses tend to be fun, flirty and ultra girly. (Also looks great with your favourite LBD).

OPI Nail Polish In Hotter Than You Pink, £12.50




It’s pretty experimental to rock bright blue talons, so it’s no wonder it means that you’re a true creative. Oh, and forward-thinking, too. Expect to see it on every catwalk this season.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint In Blue Grape, £3.20

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If you’re a sucker for a bright white, you probably like to follow fashion trends, and like to keep a modern edge to your look. Basically, you’re seriously cool.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish In Amazing Grace, £16





This goes without saying – if you love to shock with a neon nail, then you’re definitely an extrovert. Adventurous and outgoing, you love to make a statement. Try Essie Nail Polish in “Vibrant Vibes,” $9.

Essie Nail Polish In The More The Merrier, £7.99




Scarlet manis are elegant and effortlessly chic, and so are you. If you prefer a moody oxblood red, you’re a total vixen.

Nails Inc Victoria And Albert Nailkale, £14




This means that you’re a total romantic at heart. So all of you baby blue, candy pink and mint green gals will definitely believe in that fairytale ending… Aw.

Topshop Nail Polish In Parma Violet, £5




If you’re most likely to be seen rocking a natural nude, you’re probably pretty low-maintenance kind of gal when it comes to your beauty regime. Which is perfect, because if you smudge it, it’s super forgiving!

Butter London Patent Shine In Shop Girl, £15

From: Harper’s Bazaar