Eyelash Extensions: What You Need To Know

Your burning FAQs about eyelash extensions, answered...

Eyelash extensions are fast becoming a must-have for women everywhere. Whether you want to speed up your morning make-up regime or simply enhance your natural lashes, there’s rarely a salon you go to that doesn’t provide the service. Here are some frequently asked questions for a lash extension virgin…

What options do I have for longer looking lashes?

A lot of women think their lashes are too short, or too straight, when in fact it’s common to have blonde tips at the ends of your lashes which makes them appear shorter, in which case a lash tint is a good option. Or, alternatively go for a lash perm to give them more of a curl. For both treatments, always make sure you get a 24 hour patch test beforehand.

But, eyelash extensions can give your eyes that wide-awake look you can’t get from a perm or tint, and are perfect for special occasions or holidays when you can wake up, and not have to worry about taking 20 minutes to apply 5 coats of mascara which will then end up half way down your chin after you’ve jumped in the pool anyway.

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Bey, you should of got lash extensions

How do I know where to go?

Always go somewhere you’ve heard through word of mouth. There’s no better way to know whether something is really good or not than reading reviews, and asking around. Agnes Dos Santos is a fabulous company who do lashes for the Made In Chelsea and TOWIE cast and have loads of positive reviews and years of experience  – two important things to look out for when choosing your beautician. They also last for ages and the lashes are 100% vegan!


Agnes Dos Santos lashes before and after

Agnes Dos Santos lashes before and after

How much are eyelash extesnions?

Prices for eyelash extensions can vary, although the average price for a full set is between £60 – £150, and in- fills are usually around £30 – £40, which are usually needed every 3-4 weeks, depending on how well you’ve looked after them and providing you don’t sit and pull them all out.

Which ones should I go for?

Try to go for the silk or mink lashes, as these are lighter than the heavier plastic-type ones and won’t affect your natural lashes as much. Also aim to get thicker ones for special occasions, and take them off properly after a week or so, as opposed to having them as a permanent alternative to mascara.

How should i look after my eyelash extensions?

Don’t use cotton wool, clean around the eye with a cotton bud and use just water, as soap can get suck in between the lashes and cause irritation.

Don’t use oily products, if you want to use moisturiser or eye cream, dab it at the brow and it will work its way into the lid and under eye area throughout the day. This is a good tip for whether you have lash extensions or not.

Don’t use mascara on freshly applied eyelash extensions as they’ve been designed to be an alternative. It’s also almost impossible to remove mascara from eyelash extensions, so you end up with a build-up of bacteria and dust.

So, if you’ve decided mascara is too much agg, you’re scared to go for the perm, and you don’t think a tint will make much difference, then make sure you take on everything we’ve said before you book in.

Now, go flutter those lashes girl!