What It Really Takes To Become A Make-Up Artist

Think the trip from eyeliner enthusiast to qualified make-up artist is an easy ride of expensive products and playtime? Think again, because training to become part of the beauty elite takes time, commitment and a seriously steady hand.

Apart from having an eye for detail, a passion for tip-top products and buckets of business nous, you need to be walked and talked through creating insanely hard-to-do’s such as dewy skin, precision lips, razor-sharp liner, beautiful brows, tousled locks, edgy updos and pretty much every other flawless look you’ve ever wanted to fashion on a face.

After 10 weeks at the Academy of Freelance Make-Up – an international school owned and operated by a team of super-successful make-up artists – I can safely say the route into this creative field is harder than I ever imagined, but totally worth it.

At its slick Soho studios, prepare to learn, practice, learn, practice, learn, practice and then some, because even if your beauty-obsessed brain is crammed full of helpful how-tos, there’s nothing like working on the real thing: supermodel skin.

If that MUA title means more to you than the Queen’s OBE, it’s back to school you go. Guidance, aftercare and a truck-load of training will get you there.

Courses at AOFM take you from beginner to pro in a matter of weeks, so visit www.aofmakeup.com to choose the right avenue for you.

By Claire Blackmore