What Is Your Face Trying To Tell You?

You know when you’ve had a bit of a heavy night, and your skin looks horribly dull and grey the next day? Yep, well there’s a reason for this.

Because did you know that your skin can literally reveal everything about what you’re putting into your body? From drinking too much wine to overindulging in chocolate, it all plays out on your face.

‘Contrary to popular belief, skin problems are not due to poor hygiene but results from a number of underlying imbalances within the body’, says  Christine Bailey, Nutritional Therapist on behalf of The Harley Medical Group.

‘By targeting these triggers with specific treatments, nutrition and lifestyle changes you can improve the appearance of your skin long term.’

And they’ve got names, too: Sugar Face, Dairy Face, Gluten Face and Wine Face. Here’s how to tell which one you’re suffering from, and how to fix it:


1) Sugar Face


– Gaunt looking face

– Sagging under the eyes

– Spots all over the face

– Dark, greyish hue to the skin

How to fix it: Refresh your tired face with Sanctuary Spa’s Instant Illuminating Beauty Balm (£12). Full of energizing ginseng, nourishing vitamin E and brightening vitamin C, it’s the ultimate formula for a model-worthy glow, Because glossy skin equals gorgeous!


2) Gluten face

– Redness on the cheeks

– Puffy cheeks and jowls

– Forehead spots

– Spots or dark patches on the chin

How to fix it: To help reduce the redness on your cheeks, Kiss The Moon Calm After Dark Face Oil (£48) is your best friend. Loaded with soothing chamomile and jasmine, it’s also teamed with rosehip seed oil that’s proven to calm angry, stressed-out skin. Make this your go-to antidote for banishing red flare-ups.


3) Dairy Face

– Darkness under the eyes

– Under-eye bags

– Widespread spots

– Spots around the chin

How to fix it: Try the Kypris Clearing Serum (£48) to tackle those blemishes. It contains essentials oils that will balance the skin’s oil production, whilst calming redness and boosting your complexion’s healing powers – so your spot’s life span will be cut in half.


4) Wine Face

– Wrinkles under the eyes

– Lines or spots between the brows

– Dehydrated skin

– Reddish skin tone

How to fix it: Kiehl’s Powerful Under-Eye Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream (£28.80) is amazing for boosting collagen and repairing the delicate skin under eyes. And for that reddish skintone, try Bioderma’s Sensibo Anti-Redness BB Cream (£15), which helps neutralise and colour correct redness whilst soothing any irritations.