What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About You?

If you’re a lipstick-wearer, you’ll be familiar with this common issue.

No matter how hard you try to keep it even, for some reason, your pout ends up wearing your lippy down into one signature shape. Are we right?!

Rounded? Concave? Diagonal? We’ve all got our own shapes, and now, a new report by Just Fab has come out and revealed what it says about your personality: 

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Apparently, this means that you’re easygoing and loving (not bad traits to have). If there are zero rough edges on your stick, this shows you’re a big fan of beauty and harmony. And what’s your shade? Probably subtle pink, says the study.


If yorur lipstick dips in the middle, this supposedly means you’re a friendly and adventurous gal. You’re probably on the go a lot, love your freedom and don’t like to conform to the norm. Concave girls would most likely be rocking a bright fuchsia hue.


Are you ambitious and passionate? You’re probably a diagonal lipstick tip kind of girl. Apparently, if youre lippy tip is slanted it means you aim high and strive to achieve. With traits like this, it’s no wonder your favourite hue is pillarbox red. 


The point at the centre of your lipstick shows you are confident and like taking risks. You’ve got a bold personality and are always planning the next girls’ night out/weekend away. Plum is so your shade.


Flat tipped lipstick ladies are sweet and kind, but also honest and truthful – which is exactly why your mates like you. You are known for being trustworthy and for having others’ best interests at heart. To go with your gentle personality, you generally stick to nudes.