Here’s Why You Keep Getting Spots On Your Chin

And how to get rid of them.

Spots come in all shapes and sizes, and also rear their ugly heads on many different areas of your face. This might seem random, but there is a science behind where your spots sit.

One of the most common places for zits to turn up is on your chin, and no it’s got nothing to do with you being a messy eater, it’s all down to your hormones. While it might seem more comforting to know that the chocolate brownie you had at lunch isn’t behind these breakouts, it does mean that they’re slightly harder to treat.

It’s not just your chin where these stubborn spots crop up, you’ll find them along your jawline and even on your neck, too. Often, they’re deeper, more inflamed and tend to be painful. Annoyingly you can’t control your hormones, however there are certain things you can do to help reduce these big breakouts.

If you notice that you only get spots on your chin and that they tend to flare up around your period then you can be pretty sure that they’re hormone related. Don’t go straight for antibiotics because they can only do so much and they aren’t good for the rest of your body, instead try and look at external factors that might be effecting your body like stress, alcohol consumption and water intake.

Combine these with stronger, topical treatments like creams and lotions and you should be able to help prevent big breakouts. When you’re really struggling, use a nightly, skin refining mask like Glamglow’s Supermud Mask, £42. It will help mop up any excess oil and dirt.

A scrub is also a great way to slough off dead skin and get the gunk out of your pores. We love Origins Never A Dull Moment Face Polisher, £26.50, use it a few times a week rather than every night. Finally, Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion, £16 is your fail safe SOS skin saver. Smother it onto angry breakouts before bed and you’ll wake up with a calmer complexion.