We’re Loving 3D Emerald Nails!

It’s no secret that at LOOK HQ we love a 3D mani. Caviar, velvet, sequined – we’ve tried (and loved) them all. And now, thanks to our friends at Ciaté, we’ve got the whole lot in one! We’re totally and utterly obsessed with the new Ciaté Emerald 3D Manicure set, £25, exclusive to Selfridges. 

The kit includes a paint pot in ‘Ditch The Heels’ emerald green, three 3D textures (including the Chauffeur Velvet Shaker, Penthouse Sequin Pot and Ball Gown Caviar Pearls) and handy application tools to get the perfect finish. Pick up your 3D manicure set at Selfridges and make your friends emerald green with envy.

By Chloe Burcham

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