Paris Hilton Chats Exclusively To The LOOK Beauty Team



What’s not to love about Paris Hilton?! She’s been one of our fave celebs, since her Simple Life TV series days! And so when we got the invite to sit down with the lady herself for the launch of her latest limited edition fragrance, we jumped at the opportunity. There were so many things we wanted to ask her – how does she sustain that super-real tan, about her goldie locks and the beauty tips she’s picked up along the way. Want to know everything too? Then read on for our exclusive interview, expect a mention, or two, about her pure gold facemasks, and her love for English fish and chips…yep, really!



Our lovely breakfast that we shared with Paris


LOOK: So Paris, what inspired your new fragrance?



Paris: This is my 18th fragrance, so I have every note memorized thanks to a decade of smelling every scent! I’m inspired by my life, my travels and my fans. I like to make each fragrance different, so that everytime somebody buys one they have something new and exciting.



LOOK: What’s your favourite thing to do in London?



Paris: My favourite thing is to shop, I love to shop! I love going to Topshop, Selfridges, Harrods and Fenwicks. I also love to eat, I love English fish and chips!



LOOK: What’s your desert island must have beauty product?



Paris: Sunscreen. I don’t lay out – that’s the one thing my mom taught me when I was a little girl. All my girlfriends as teenagers used to bathe with oil all over their faces, destroying their skin. I would be the one inside like “I’m not doing it” and now I’m so happy I listened.



LOOK: How do you stay in shape?



Paris: I’m always working or travelling, so I don’t always have time to work out. My work out usually consists of walking around, shopping or running to the airport. Oh and when I go clubbing I dance a lot!



LOOK: What’s your favourite holiday destination?



Paris: I love Ibiza! This is my third year there as a resident DJ. I’ll be there in summer, playing every Saturday night. So that’s my favourite place to have fun. And then my favourite place to relax is Bora Bora. Its so beautiful – it’s paradise, I love it!



LOOK: What songs are you going to be playing this summer?



Paris: I always play different music – it’s a different set every week. But I love playing a lot of Calvin Harris, he’s so talented, David Guetta and Avicii. I love mostly dance, they’re the ones that get most people on the dance floor.



LOOK: What’s your favourite beauty treatment?



Paris: I love oxygen facials. I think they’re so good for your skin. I get them twice a week if I’m in town or in LA.



LOOK: What foods do you eat to keep your skin, hair and nails beautiful?



Paris: I don’t like the taste of it, but grapefruit!



LOOK: Do you have any top beauty tips?



Paris: Stay out of the sun is one. Always make sure that your make-up is off before you go to sleep. Moisturise and use an eye cream. I also love stem cell serums, and I use a lot of beauty masks. I wear these gel masks that are made out of 24-carat gold and they’re SO amazing for your skin. I love them!



LOOK: Describe your ‘perfect weekend’?



Paris: Well every weekend I’m either working, or on a plane. But if I could have my perfect weekend it would be not working, chilling at home with all my dogs, lying in bed, and sleeping late. I would eat a huge breakfast and just watch TV and not do anything, I never get to do that!



We had to grab a selfie with Paris!


Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition EDP, £40 (100ml) is available from Superdrug stores nationwide.



By Emily Morgan