Switch your parting from side to centre to mix up your curls like Cara

We Can’t Be The Only Ones Lusting Over Cara’s Red Carpet Hair

As far as Cara’s signature look goes it’s pretty low-key. Bed-head hair, a bit of slept in liner and wham, bam, model beautiful. 

But special occasions call for a bit of glam so instead of going all laid back and boho for the premiers of Paper Towns, Cara enlisted the help of super stylist, Daniel Jordan to tend to her ‘do on a daily basis and make sure her hair looked flashbulb-friendly at every occasion.

The style of choice? Waves. Every which way. From grungy side swept kinks to bouncy girly curls that are more LA than London, Cara’s clearly in the wavy gravy zone for summer 2015. Even her half-fallen out plait looks like it could just be curls from the front – cheeky!

> From girly to grungy, Cara’s all about the kinks


“We wanted to elaborate from the model look she mastered to the glamorous actress she’s become,” Daniel told us. “Beautiful and demure, in Madrid we channeled an Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe vibe and in London when Cara was wearing a trouser suit, it was sexy and chic.”

Any diva demands from Delevinge? “No, just that the hair should be done but look undone  – we both wanted that lightweight volume without the stiffness,” continues Daniel. 

> We heart Cara’s undone wavy plait


Copycat Cara’s look

Getting good-looking and workable waves all comes down to product and Daniel swears by UNITE – to be fair, it is one of the most requested haircare brands in showbiz!

Using the Elevate Mousse to provide volume and shine minus any frizz pre blow-dry and the Texturiza to add a supercharged boost to dry hair, the dream duo was what kept Cara’s waves in check after hours in the spotlight.

Need to take them from grunge to glam? “Once you’ve finished your look, apply a tiny amount of Unite Moisture & Shine through the hair. It’s a lightweight finishing cream with added argan oil so it gives hair instant shine!”

Someone pass us the tongs!


By Becci Vallis