11 Ways To Love Your Body And Mind Right Now

Every woman of every shape and every size is beautiful. And you deserve to show yourself that, to embrace you for you, and show your body – and mind – some love. 

We’re here to tell you some simple, and amazing, ways to treat yourself. You know, in case you’ve forgotten. 

1. Buy yourself some gorgeous new underwear 


It’s the foundation of any outfit, and whether someone’s going to see it or not, you’ll know it’s there. 

And it will have you feeling like a sassy glamourpuss in no time.

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2. Plan a night out with the girls 


And do something ridiculously silly like karaoke.

You can’t go wrong with an emotional sing-a-long. 

And be sure to film it for extra LOLs the morning after. 

3. Strut your stuff in some sexy heels 


Yes, your feet might not love you for it. But the rest of you will feel too fierce to care. 

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Sit back, wrap yourself up in a duvet sandwich, and binge on your very favourite TV series. 

5. Switch yourself OFF 


Mobile? Laptop? All off. 

We recommend locking them away in a cupboard if it helps. 

Just spend some serious alone time. There’s nothing better than being happy just for you. 

6. Go for a nice walk 


This time it’s not about exercise, it’s about taking in the sights around you… 

There’s a whole world out there, you know. 

7. Do something special you’ve always wanted to do 


‘One day’ has finally come around. You know that thing you’ve always dreamt about? Go. Go do that. 

8. Reach out to a friend or family member you haven’t connected with in a while 


They’ll appreciate it as much as you will. You just can’t beat that feeling. 

9. Blast out your favourite song… 


…And dance like no one’s watching! 

10. Appreciate everything your body CAN do… 

…Instead of focusing on what it can’t. 


It’s a clever thing your body. Your lashes, no matter what length or shade, are there to catch sweat. 


11. Shake It Off 


In the words of Taylor Swift, shake off ALL those negative thoughts and body hang-ups. 


Go love yourself… 

By Laura Jane Turner