FYI: People Are Now Using Water Bottles To Firm Their Faces

Yeah. It's not a good idea.

In the world of 2017 there’s not a day that passes in which some crazy beauty trend doesn’t go viral online. Today? It’s the turn of the water bottle beauty hack. And not to burst your bubble, but it’s a load of rubbish.

What is the water bottle beauty hack?

WELL. It’s the idea of using a water bottle as a suction tool (yes already, WTF) in the aim of getting firmer, lifted skin. Essentially it’s the same idea as those little suction cups you can buy to get rid of cellulite. But DIY-ed. And real dumb.

How do you do it?

People are using empty water bottles to basically create a vaccum and suck some skin into it. They then drag the bottle all over their face – in the hope that it will boost circulation and basically make your skin look firm and beautiful.

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Why it will never work…

Here’s the deal. The thing about using suction on the skin is that any kind of change is going to be totally temporary. You’re basically making your skin swollen, so it’ll look firmer for about an hour before going back to normal.

Plus, by sucking up the top layer of your skin won’t have any impact on the second layer of skin (the dermis) which is where collagen and elastin are actually produced.

AND if that’s not enough to prove it’s a totally useless hack – using a water bottle means you’re likely to scratch yourself or cause broken capillaries. Not cool.

So all in all, we are not rating this water bottle beauty hack. Nu-uh, not today honey.